Buy Vacation Home

Through, we have several agents who can help you find the ideal property that can be used as a short-term vacation rental. It is very important to use a real estate agent who has this specialized expertise. The reason is that every city, and sometimes a community within a city, has different laws with regard to short-term rentals, and some cities have even regulated the industry.

We have many years’ experience in advising buyers as to how they can structure the ownership of their real estate with regard to various tax matters such as, for instance, avoiding estate/inheritance taxes. There are many factors that should be considered, and there is no one ownership structure that fits all buyers. Every buyer has different aspects that they need to consider when buying a secondary home in Florida.

We can help you set up a company in Florida, or if buying a property in your own name, help you obtain a tax id (ITIN) from the Internal Revenue Services, in addition to a multitude of other business services.

If you would like to look into buying a vacation rental home, please contact Lars Heldre

Management Services offers more services than what is typically offered by other vacation rental management companies. The reason is that most of our owners are not locals and therefore are in need of a management company that can handle every aspect of running a successful vacation rental business. To meet this need, our company has become a so called “One Stop Shop!”

Licensing and registration: 

We make it easy for you! Your vacation rental property would be registered under our collective license with the Division of Hotel and Restaurants. In cities where vacation rentals are regulated, such as Fort Lauderdale, we would also make sure that your house is registered with the city and complies with all of the cities vacation rental ordinances.


We have several cleaning companies that are 100% dedicated to our owners’ rental homes to ensure that every visitor has a superior stay. With check-outs and check-ins often taking place within the same day, our cleaners are able to help ensure that you will achieve a high occupancy rate. Checking in to a vacation home should be no different than checking into a four or five star hotel.

Maintenance and repairs

We have fulltime property managers who take care of all of our owners’ homes. If you have minor touch-ups or repairs that are needed, we are there to correct the problem as soon as it happens to ensure that your guests and future guest are not inconvenienced. Our company has several dedicated tradesmen that can quickly respond to any problems that may occur at a property. Our property managers also act as a liaison between you and vendors providing services such as pool maintenance, landscaping, and pest control.

Accounting and taxes

Any rental in the State of Florida that is for a period of six months or shorter is subject to a 6% sales tax and a 5% Tourist Development Tax (also referred to as tourist tax, bed tax or resort tax). Again, we make it easy for you by paying these taxes for you on a monthly basis.

Through our management software solution, we keep track of all of your revenues and, for most of our clients, we also pay invoices and keep track of all of their expenses. This makes it very convenient for you at the end of the year when it comes time to file your annual tax return. For international homeowners who don’t have their own accountant, we use an accounting firm that has special expertise in preparing tax returns for foreign nationals, foreign companies located abroad, or US subsidiaries that our owned by foreign-based entities.

Renovation & interior decorating

We can help you manage any renovation project and improvement to your property. Many of our vacation rental property owners have upgraded their homes with new floors, impact hurricane windows, etc.  A majority of our vacation rentals have also been professionally decorated by B Pascuali Interiors.



Why should you use to manage and market your vacation rental home?

  1. We believe the answer to this question is that in everything we do, including sales and marketing, we always try to go the extra mile to ensure that we live up to our name and will provide you with a superior experience.

  2. We believe we have one of the most elegant and user-friendly websites/portals in the industry, which was custom-built and programmed by some of the best and brightest web portal developers.

  3. We have several country and language versions of our website/portal with foreign domains in various countries, and will continue to launch our website/portal in additional countries.

  4. With several versions of our website/portal in many countries, we are gaining SEO (search engine optimization) with search engines in different countries in a variety of languages.

  5. All of our owners’ property descriptions have been written by a professional promotional writer.

  6. All content, including your property description, on our websites/portals in other countries, have been professionally translated by a translation bureau.

  7. All of our owners’ vacation rental properties are professionally photographed by one of the best real estate photographers in Florida.

  8. Our management/marketing software solution, through one interface, makes it possible for us to create “one” web-ad and then push it out to 30+ marketing channels throughout the world, including HomeAway, VRBO, Expedia,, Airbnb, Flipkey, Tripadvisor, and many more.

  9. From many years of advertising in Scandinavia, we have a lot of Scandinavian renters.

  10. We treat everyone the same. No owner’s property is promoted or advertised more or less than any other owner’s property, unless an owner has expressed that they want less exposure

  11. We have fulltime dedicated sales and booking agents whose job is to help you achieve a high occupancy rate, but also to screen every renter. We aim to help you generate income while still looking after your home and avoiding any conflict with your neighbors.

  12. We have fulltime dedicated property managers whose job is to look after owners’ properties. Our property managers also act as a liaison between you and vendors providing services such as pool maintenance, landscaping, and pest control.

  13. With a fulltime Director of IT and a Founder with a passion for technology, we will always stay in the forefront of technology. We strongly believe this is the key to our success and future growth.

Simply put: The vacation rental properties that achieve the most online exposure with the best photos and presentation wins the game, and that’s where we come in!